Blue Water Empire (2016)

Production: Australia – Lone Star Productions/Bunya Productions
Director(s): Steven McGregor
Producer(s): Aaron Fa’Aoso, Greer Simpkin and David Jowsey
Notes: linked to the ABC/Screen Australia/Screen Queensland Straight out of the Straits initiative

Who Do You Think You Are? (2012)

Episode: series 2, episode 4, ‘Christine Anu’
Director: Jane Manning
Production: Australia – SBS
Notes: features visits to the Haddon audiovisual and archival collections at Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology at Cambridge University and the British Library in London. It also features Islands of Light (1957).
Link(s): SBS »

The Straits (2012)


  1. The Proposition
  2. The Trouble with Raskols
  3. Yawor My Lovely
  4. The Hunt for Vlad
  5. Epiphanies
  6. The Price
  7. Poison
  8. The Big Mistake
  9. Dead Reckoning
  10. Fatherhood

Production: Australia – ABC/Matchbox Pictures
Cast: includes Jimi Bani; Aaron Fa’Aoso
Notes: based on an idea by Aaron Fa’Aoso (developed with Louis Nowra).
Notes: Mau Power appears on the soundtrack.


Mabo (2012)

Director: Rachel Perkins
Production: Australia – Blackfella Films
Cast: Jimi Bani
Notes: makes use of clips from Trevor Graham‘s Land Bilong Islanders
Notes: part of NFSA Black Screen lending series, No. 14


Bit of Black Business – Sharpeye (2007)

Series: Bit of Black Business
Director: Aaron Fa’Aoso
Cinematoraphy: Eric Murray Lui
Production: Australia – Scarlett Pictures
Notes: premièred at the 8th Message Stick Indigenous Film Festival in Sydney in 2007.


Remote Area Nurse (2006)


  1. The Coral Age
  2. One Ball
  3. The Coming of the Light
  4. The Gardens of the Torres Strait
  5. Blue Hawaii
  6. Here Comes the Rain Again

Director(s): David Caesar and Catriona McKenzie
Production: Australia – ABC/Chapman Pictures
Cast: includes Jimi Bani; Aaron Fa’Aoso
Notes: George Mye was a cultural advisor and Eric Murray Lui a camera operator.


Mabo: Life of an Island Man (1997)

Director: Trevor Graham
Production: Australia – Film Australia National Interest Program/Tantamount Productions
Notes: makes extensive use of clips and out-takes from Trevor Graham‘s Land Bilong Islanders
Notes: Aven Noah was a consultant on this film
Link(s): NFSA »